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Legend of Solgard MOD Apk Download 2.38.0 (God Mode/Damage Multiplier)


Legend of Solgard MOD APK is a turn-based strategy game and has 120+ unique heroes to stop the Ragnarok & save the world.

App Info of Legend of Solgard

App Name

Legend of Solgard


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android



God Mode/Damage Multiplier

About Legend of Solgard

Get ready to play the Legend of Solgard and defeat the evil dragon Nidhogg to stop the Ragnarok & doom of the gods & mankind. Assemble a team of four characters and use your tactical strategies to fight against the enemies. Play the campaign, treasure cave, dungeons, PvP hero arena, or any other game mode, everything is under your control now. 

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Overview of Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard is a puzzle role-playing, turn-based strategy game offered by Snowprint Studios AB. It has more than a million downloads with a 4.2 rating of 5 on the Play Store. Create your unique team from 120+ powerful creatures to face down the monsters in hundreds of levels and save the world from Nidhogg the dragon. 


The Ragnarok (dooms of the gods and men) has begun. Nidhogg the dragon has returned to Midgard to destroy everything. He has opened portals all across Midgard and his minions are invading Midgard through the portals. Ratatosk fights bravery against the minions but loses to the dragon. He gives his magical weapon, the disk, to the last hero. The hero is the only hope left who can defeat Nidhogg, stop Ragnarok, and save the nine worlds. 


The portals are opened by the dragon throughout Midgard. You will have to destroy those portals to prevent the monsters from invading. These portals are shown as levels on the map. In each level, you will fight against monsters to destroy the portals with a team of 4 characters. 

The combat will take place with the turn-based, match & merge gameplay mechanisms. The arena has two parts, upper and lower. In the lower part, you can summon your characters & merge them. And the enemies will be on the upper part. 

You will get three moves per turn. Match 3 of the same characters in a column to merge them into a single character.  And at the end of the turn, it will attack the enemy and then vanish. Merging the same characters in rows will convert them into barriers in the front row that protects your allies. When there are not enough characters, you can summon them using a move. 

You can see the hitpoint and attack power of the merged character above its head. The character will attack the enemy in the same column. And when there’s no enemy left, it will deal damage to the portal. You will win the level by dropping the portal’s HP to zero. 

On clearing the level, you will get coins, sun cards, and EXP. EXP is required to level your hero. When the hero levels up on collecting enough EXP, her HP, Mana, Barrier strength, Spell Power, Potency, etc. stats increases. 

Collect & Upgrade 120+ Unique Characters

It includes more than 120 characters having unique attack style and set of skills. They are divided into multiple classes – warrior, small folk, beast, spirit, critter, wyrms & wights; rarity – common, rare, epic, legendary & mythical; and color – red, green, yellow & purple. You will need a character from each color to create your team. In some levels, you will need a specific class of characters to defeat certain enemies. 

All characters also have one of the roles of attacker, defender, and supporter. Attackers are the best at dealing damage, defenders at receiving damage, and supporters at granting buffs to allies, debuff & crowd control status to enemies.

You can upgrade them to increase their various attribute stats such as strength, growth, merge bonus, sync bonus, critical hit chance, etc. Increasing their ranks will unlock their new skills. Skills can be upgraded and evolved as well. 

MOD Version of Legend of Solgard

It includes the following features.

Damage Multiplier – You can increase the characters’ damage up to 5 times.

God Mode – Your hero’s HP will not decrease.

Enemy Can’t Summon – Enemies can’t summon minions in the battles.

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Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many game modes does Legend of Solgard have?

It has a Campaign, Treasure Caves, Bounties, Dungeons, Hero Arena, Underworld, Time-limited Events, and Guild Events. 

Which is the highest rarity of characters?

The highest rarity level of all creatures is mythical. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Legend of Solgard features multiple game modes from an interesting storyline in the campaign to real-time multiplayer battles in the hero arena. With 120+ characters, you can come up with countless lineups to defeat the enemies. It also has guilds where you can chat & play with your friends and defeat the dungeons & bosses together.

Download Legend of Solgard

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