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Airport City
Airport City Transport Manager Mod

Airport City MOD Apk Download 8.33.05 (Unlimited Money, Coins)


Airport City MOD APK is a simulation game where you build your airport city and manage your flights to earn money and become a tycoon.

App Info of Airport City

App Name

Airport City


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Coins

About Airport City

Airport City – Transport Manager is a simulation game offered by Game Insight. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Build your airport city with 10+ planes & hundreds of buildings, manage your flights, earn money, and become a tycoon.

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Overview of Airport City


Airport City MOD APK

In Airport City, you will manage an airport and a city. You will buy airplanes and send them to various locations. For each successful flight, you will get gold, EXP, and varieties of gifts. Airplanes will land and then stop on the stands. Tap on the plane to collect gold & EXP. Then you will see a plane mark on it. Tap it to send it to various locations. You can see the requirements to send it and the rewards. Each flight will take a certain period of time. Gaining EXP increases your level. Many new buildings and upgrades unlock at certain levels. Keep sending flights, earning money, and upgrading the city. Become a tycoon.

Main Buildings

Airport City MOD APK

There are some buildings that are very important to increase the maximum capacity of resources you can have. Town Hall, Terminal, Hanger & Control Tower are these buildings. Upgrading the terminals increases the maximum number of passengers and tourists. How many planes can stand in the airport is dependent on the control tower. You can upgrade the control tower to increase the number of stands you can build. And town hall affects the maximum population in the city. When you reach the maximum population, then you can’t build new buildings in the city. In the Hanger, you can manage your planes. You can buy new planes or sell the existing planes. 

Production Buildings

Airport City MOD APK

It has residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industries that provide you with resources. Construct the residential buildings to get passengers & guests for the planes. There are two categories of residential buildings, one for passengers and the other for guests. Each building has a different rate of producing passengers. Commerce buildings include eateries, museums, theaters, grocery stores, car dealerships, pharmacies, etc. You will get gold from these buildings over time. In industrial buildings, there are power plants, fuel stations, resource bases, etc. With these buildings, you will get electricity, fuel, and various resources to construct buildings and fill the planes’ fuel tanks. 

10+ Amazing Planes

Airport City MOD APK

It comes with more than ten planes. Each plane can fly to different locations and has a different passenger capacity. You can upgrade the hunger to unlock and buy new planes. But you also need to upgrade the runway for bigger planes.

MOD Version of Airport City

The MOD version of Airport City has the following features.

Unlimited Money – You can buy & upgrade all your buildings and build the best airport city ever.

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Download Airport City

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