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Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant MOD Apk Download 11.8 (Free Rewards, No Ads)


Animal Restaurant MOD APK is a restaurant management simulation game featuring cartoon-stylized graphics and a funny restaurant to manage.

App Info of Animal Restaurant

App Name

Animal Restaurant


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Rewards, No Ads

About Animal Restaurant

Hello, guys. Looking for something interesting? Play Animal Restaurant then. It’s a restaurant simulation game where you will manage a restaurant. But your day won’t be like an actual restaurant manager’s. It has cute animals, interesting short stories, troublesome customers, mini-games, multiple locations, and much more. You will enjoy everything from a little customers gossip to thieves’ encounters. 

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Overview of Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant is a restaurant management simulation game offered by DH-Publisher. It has more than ten million downloads with a 4.7 rating out of 5 on the Play Store. It features cartoon-stylized graphics, hundreds of recipes, different styles of furniture & facilities, 15 staff members for various types of work & services, multiple locations to open new restaurants, and many types of customers with different tastes, orders, stories, & gossip. In this game, you will help a cat to manage the restaurant, prepare meals for customers, and attract customers by promotion. 


At the start, there will be nothing in the restaurant and you will have to buy everything from common equipment to advanced. Firstly, you will buy new stoves to cook the food in the kitchen and tables for the customers in the restaurant. 

You will have to promote the restaurant using flyers. Otherwise, the customers won’t come and you will earn nothing. Tap the button given at the bottom corner repeatedly to attract more and more customers. Customers will come in and sit at the table. Then you will see food icons above them. Tap on those icons to cook the shown food. 

Food will be prepared and served automatically. After finishing their meals, customers will drop COD (in-game currency) on the floor. Collect the money by tapping them. And then use that money to learn new recipes, buy new furniture, and facilities, or hire staff. Also, remember this, if you don’t have the food requested by the customer or didn’t serve them on time, they will leave disappointed and will your restaurant a negative review.

Learn Hundreds of Recipes

Knowing only ten or twenty recipes will not be enough to run your restaurant smoothly. There will be diversities of customers’ orders. So, you need to learn more recipes to meet their requirements and satisfy them with your food. The game has hundreds of recipes you can learn. There is teriyaki, seaweed rice ball, steamed clams, fries, omurice, matcha teriyaki, curry rice, custard bun, dumplings, pizza, fried rice, and many more recipes. 

Hire Over 15 Different Staff with Different Skills

You know what? Eggy is a lazy cat. But if you hire him, he will do just fine. His great skill is to find money lost in nooks & crannies. If you are looking for someone who can take orders & serve the customers, Jiji is your cat. He is calm, always eyes on objectives, and also knows a lil magic tricks. 

There are many other cats you can hire to work at the restaurant. There is Dori the Promoter, Timmy the server, Chef Gumi, Lucky the Cashier, Tate & Kate the Delivery Boy & Girl, Seedy the Waiter, Meow the Support Chef, and others. Everyone is an expert at their job and will not give you any chance of any complaint. 

Promote Your Restaurant & Attract More Customers

How will you earn money to upgrade your restaurant without any customers? So, it’s important to attract as many customers as possible. To attract customers, you can use promo flyers, It also has a cellphone promo method that will automatically attract customers for a limited time. When the customers get satisfactory service and like the food they ordered, they will give you positive reviews which will increase your restaurant’s rating and more customers will come to eat there. 

MOD Version of Animal Restaurant

This version includes the following features. 

  • Get publicity without seeing an ad.

Free Rewards – You can get the rewards without watching ads.

No Ads – Play the game interruption-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many types of recipes can I learn in Animal Restaurant?

You can learn 300+ recipes in this game.

Why are customers not ordering new recipes?

Maybe because you haven’t unlocked new recipes in the menu. Once you unlock new recipes, the customers will start ordering them too. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Animal Restaurant is a great cooking & restaurant management game. Its cute animal characters and their stories & gossips are very interesting. You will come up with rascals, thieves & troublemakers and will have to deal with them too. 

Download Animal Restaurant

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