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Darling Pet
Darling Pet_result

Darling Pet MOD Apk Download 1.8.0 (Free Premium Choices)


Darling Pet MOD APK is an interactive otome game where you can date pet boys. In this game choices matter. Make sure you choose what's best.

App Info of Darling Pet

App Name

Darling Pet


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Premium Choices

About Darling Pet

Darling Pet MOD APK is a simulation game with various plot stories. It’s a sweet and romantic visual novel game. In this post, we are going to share with you an amazing simulation game with a sweet and romantic story. It’s offered by StoryTaco.inc and has more than a million downloads on Play Store.

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Overview of Darling Pet

Nowadays, simulation games are very popular worldwide. These games are very exciting where you have to make your own choices to complete the full story. With every choice, there is a change in the dimensions of the storyline. This game has a complex and deep storyline and it lets people experience the feeling of being in love.

Darling Pet Mod Apk

Enjoy this dating game, make your own choices and progress the storyline where everything is developed based on interactive elements, and with each different choice, there is a different plot ending of the story. Get a realistic experience with stunning graphics and well-designed attractive characters.

The storyline

The story begins when the main character rescues pets from a mysterious organization. When she returns home, she notices that the four pets are replaced by four handsome men. With their arrival, everything becomes tough for our main character and we have to help her to rearrange everything.

Darling Pet Mod Apk

Who are the Four Mysterious boys?

Your storyline revolves around four men as we mentioned. Each guy has a different story and you will start dating them. The mysterious four are named Sean, Ian, Luke, and Ray. All of them are very handsome in different aspects. You can choose your favorite character from them.

To complete the story you have to dig into the past of each character and know about everything. While running the storyline you will encounter a lot of funny and quirky situations, romantic but dramatic, funny, and even horror situations. Enjoy the amazing visual novel game with an exciting journey.

Darling Pet Mod Apk

Choose Outfits For Heroine

The game allows you to choose the costumes for your heroine. There are a lot of different costumes that you can choose with each costume representing the trending fashion styles. You can choose to be a high-school girl, a maid, a nurse, or even a beautiful teacher’s outfit. Each costume is designed with a delicacy that will make your heroine look fabulous!!

HD Visuals

The game is offered by StoryTaco.inc, with high-quality advanced Visuals. The visual novel game is designed very delicately, characters are attractive and handsome. Not to mention the outer environment that feels very realistic. Overall, the game is gifted with high-quality graphics that will give you a realistic feeling.

MOD Version of Darling Pet

  • Free Premium Choices

Download Darling Pet

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