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Days After
Days After Mod

Days After MOD Apk Download 10.7.1 (Menu: Free Craft, Immortality, Fast Travel)


Days After MOD APK is an action-adventure survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, raiders, and other dangers.

App Info of Days After

App Name

Days After


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu: Free Craft, Immortality, Fast Travel

About Days After

Want to try the most playable zombie survival game on the internet? Then try this amazing game from us. Today we are sharing the Days After MOD APK. Play this amazing game on your device for free. Use your best survival techniques and survive to free from the zombies. One of the most loved adventure action categorized game is here. It is offered by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED and has more than 1 Million downloads on the Google Play Store with the best ratings. All people from the world are infected and you are the last who are performing the role of survival. Do or die are the options ahead of you, so make a decision and go on the adventure to fulfill your all basic needs.

Besides, use the latest MOD version of this application provided by us. Finding the tricks to win your battles easily within this game? Then try this amazing MOD version to fulfill your wishes in this game. The MOD version is the application version where you will get to use such tricks and the other features to play and complete the game as soon as possible. Let’s know about the basic guides and the information about this game by taking an overview of this application. So, stay tuned with us.

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Overview Of Days After

Try these fantastic action-survival Days After today on your device. In this game, you will have to survive various critical conditions. Also, there will be zombies and their bosses who will fight with you to infect you also. The world within this game has been infected already with a species of virus and all the people turned out as zombies. So you are the savior and survivor of your world. Follow the in-build storylines to complete your missions and achieve your rewards. You are not the last man on Earth. Look for allies and join a clan of survivors. The bravest will be able to meet their family, but everything is not so simple. You will have to fight for your family and nation and make every effort to save everyone in these dark days.

Find the elements to build the weapons and armors for yourself. Take adventures and find the animals to collect the food by them. Craft and upgrade your weapons to fight against the zombies. Build defensive camps or shelters on your road to survival. As you complete your storylines throughout the various missions, then you will get various rewards such as in-game money, and many other things. You have no right to make a mistake because everything in this zombie apocalypse world is hungry for blood and brains. Everyone in this world is in a state of survival! So play as brave and win your game. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most important features of this Days After. Thank you.

Days After MOD APK_result
Days After MOD APK_result

Collect Loot

Collect the various resources from this game. As you know, loot is the most important thing in every survival game. So, collect the whole and maximum resources within this game to fulfill your all needs. Resources are hard to find. Ass you are playing a role of survival then you must take care of this thing and collect the resources hand by. Collect food, water, and all the other resources for your living also. Resources can be used to craft the various things in this game too.

Days After MOD APK 1_result
Days After MOD APK 1_result

Heroes & Character

Choose a special character as a survivor of you. And the time of the battle chooses the best hero to fight against your any opponents. The abilities of your heroes can be updated by spending money on them. Take them into every battle you need and win your fights. Customize your character with the best tools and outfits to make your character more attractive than ever. Emotes are also available within this game. If you are in danger or something then you can contact your team by saying your hands and doing such helpful emotes.

Days After MOD APK 2_result
Days After MOD APK 2_result

New Areas

Explore the new areas from your map within this game. If you are doing missions then you can find the new areas by exploring your map. Adventure is the key to finding such new areas. So, take such adventures and find such places where you will get the best resources. Also, there will be big chances to meet new friends within this game as survival. They are also surviving just like you. Meet them and make them friends and share information with both. Within every new area, there will be zombies to fight make sure that you are carrying the best weapons to defeat them.

Days After MOD APK 3_result
Days After MOD APK 3_result

Craft & Use

Crafting is also an important thing within this game. You can craft various resources which are around you and make them useful. From your team, make the one who will always search for such important resources to craft. You can craft things like shelters, weapons, health kits, boosters, supplies, and many other things which can be used by survivors. In case you wish to make a shelter for all teammates, then you can collect the resources like wood, ropes, leaves, etc. to build that. Even if you can build the best weapons for yourself, you can also craft a shield for the defense with such useful resources.

Days After MOD APK 4_result
Days After MOD APK 4_result


This is a survival game, and the graphics of this game are awesome. There are top-notch graphics to enjoy with good FPS. You will get the exact experience of survival with such graphics. With the sound effects of this game and the graphics of this game, you will get an overall fantastic experience of playing this game on your device. Make sure that you all have understood the basic features of this game perfectly and now you are ready to install this game on your device.

MOD Version of Days After

The MOD version works perfectly in this game. For your information, we are hosting the MOD version for this game. So, now you can download the latest version of this Days After MOD APK from here for free. Get this latest MOD version to fulfill your all wishes about this game. You can get the all premium features from this game for free. So let’s discuss such MOD features one by one.

MOD 1 Info:

  • One Hit Kill
  • Free Craft
  • Fast Travel
  • Dumb Enemy
  • No Hunger
  • No Thirst
  • No Infection

Note: If you activate “One Hit Kill”, your enemies also can one hit kill.

MOD 2 Info:

  • Immortality
  • Max Durability

Free Craft:

Use this MOD feature to craft your every weapon and object for free. You can craft anything within this game without waiting for and for free.

Dumb Enemies:

Fight with dumb enemies. Now, there will be no bosses or zombies who will fight against you more aggressively. You will get to fight with the bots that this MOD feature will send you.

Fast Travel:

With the storylines within this game, your moving speed becomes slow. You have to follow your storylines. But with this feature, you can travel fast within this game and can complete your game easily. Thank you.


Can I get to use free money within this Days After MOD APK?

Yes, you can use the free money within this game without any limitations.

How can I download this Days After MOD APK on my device?

You can simply follow our installation guide to get this amazing game on your device for free.

Should I have to root my device to get this Days After MOD APK?

No, there is no need to root your device to get this amazing game on your device.

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How to Install?

  • Download and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Download the latest version of the Days After MOD APK from our website for free. Explore this one of the best action-survival categorized games on your device. Survive every critical situation to pass out and get the victory for your whole nation. Do or die are the choices within this game so play intensively and bravely. Thank you. Goodbye!

Download Days After

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