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Live or Die
Live or Die Survival Pro MOD APK

Live or Die MOD Apk Download 0.3.478 (Free Craft/Mega Menu)


App Info of Live or Die

App Name

Live or Die


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Craft/Mega Menu

About Live or Die

Hey there, from here, you can download Live or Die: Survival Pro MOD APK which has unlimited money and energy. Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro is a post-apocalyptic survival game offered by “Not Found Games”. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Wars of biological weapons have wiped out almost the entire population and turned people into zombies including animals. And the survivors are fighting every single day to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. You are also one of them. Explore, collect, craft, fight, build & defend to survive.

Overview of Live or Die: Survival Pro


Live or Die Survival Pro MOD APK

In the Live or Die Zombie Survival Pro MOD APK, you will wake up in an underground laboratory after the war. You will find a knife and face some zombies there. Then you will come on the ground where you will meet Mia, a survivor. She will give you the basic instructions for surviving. You have to collect resources by cutting trees, breaking piles of stones, killing & searching zombies, opening crates, etc. When you do any work, you will get XP.

On earning a certain amount of XP, your level will increase and unlock many new crafting items in the Live or Die: Survival Pro APK. You have to build your base with traps and defensive weapons to survive the zombie’s attacks. You can see the HP, XP bar, hunger & thirst level on the top left corner. Hunger & thirst levels drop over time and you need food & water to refill them. If these levels drop to zero, you will lose HP. Collect meat, fruits, vegetables and cook meals. Cooked meals recover more HP than raw food. 


Live or Die Survival Pro MOD APK

The controls are simple in Live or Die Survival MOD. On the left side, it has a virtual analog stick. Drag it to move your character. On the bottom right side, it has four buttons. At the corner, there is a crouch button. In the crouch position, zombies can’t hear you if you are behind them. Other buttons are to use & switch equipment. On the map at the top right corner, it shows zombies with red dots, animals with yellow dots, and allies with green dots. You can access quests, daily tasks, shop & menu from the right side of the screen. Craft & inventory options are on the bottom side of the screen.

Craft Weapons, Cloths & Tools

Live or Die Survival Pro MOD APK

In the Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro APK, crafting items is one of the most important parts of survival. If you can’t craft, you can’t survive. To craft an item, you need the item’s blueprints. Only then you can craft it. Bolts are used to get the blueprints. Once you acquire the blueprint, you can craft the item as many times as you want. You also need the resources to craft anything. All items require a different combination of resources. You can make med packs like an adrenaline shot, painkiller syringe, bandages, etc. to increase the regeneration rates. There are many weapons you can craft and use to kill the zombies. Traps, bonfire, furnace, carpentry table, water collector, radio, smithy, sewing table, and many other items are available. 

Explore Abandoned Locations

Live or Die Survival Pro MOD APK

There are many places you can visit to collect valuable resources. Charred forest, graveyard, far forest, pine forest, radar station center, military bunker, the valley of stones, explore all these locations. You can walk to these locations without using energy but it will take so much time. You can use the energy to run there. It will only take a few seconds. These locations have three difficulty levels. Green locations have fewer & weak zombies. Orange locations have more zombies than green locations. And red locations are hard and full of strong zombies. 

MOD Feature

In the Live or Die: Survival Pro MOD APK Latest Version, you are getting the following MOD features:

Free Crafting – You can craft anything in the game for free. You won’t need any resources to do that. Just open the crafting tap, choose the item, and tap on the craft button. Done. It will craft that item for free.

Unlimited Money – It comes with the Live or Die: Survival Pro MOD APK Unlimited Money. No matter how much gold and research tokens you use, you will never run out of them.

Download Live or Die

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