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Demon Blade

Demon Blade MOD Apk Download 2.520 (Menu, God Mode, Damage)


Play Demon Blade MOD APK and avenge your master & friends' death by killing all the demons & yokai using various demon blades & strategies.

App Info of Demon Blade

App Name

Demon Blade


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, God Mode, Damage

About Demon Blade

Demon Blade is an action-packed role-playing game featuring an interesting story about a samurai & his resolve to take revenge on the yokai & demons. Its Chinese ink art-style graphics make it attractive and the battles give so better effects. Multiple game modes, 100+ demons, and thousands of katanas & armor give you so many choices to play the game as you like. 

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Overview of Demon Blade

Demon Blade starts with the disappearance of the moon which allows the demons & yokai to pass through the world borders to enter the mortal world. The strongest of them enters a Dojo and kills all the samurais & apprentices. Somehow an apprentice manages to survive the demons’ attack till her master, Dojo’s owner, reaches there. 

His master distracts the demon and helps him to escape from there. With his master’s help, he manages to escape from the demon. But his master meets his end while fighting the demon. How does it feel to lose your teacher & friends while you are still alive? With the burning fire of revenge in his heart, he sets on the journey to become stronger and defeat all the demons to avenge his teacher & friends. 


It features swipe-to-attack gameplay. You will fight against the yokai & demons in missions. In a mission, you will be placed in the first room and a map will show the next connected rooms. You can tap on the next room or swipe in its direction to enter it. 

Rooms, Attack Types, Stamina & Yokai

A room can contain treasure chests, barrels, yokai, or demons. You will enter the fight mode on encountering an enemy. You can use three types of attacks to deal damage by swiping on the screen. Swipe up for a fast attack, swipe down for a strong attack, and swipe sideways for a normal attack.

Attacking the enemy consumes your stamina which replenishes over time. You will need to wait until the stamina bar fills to attack again. The enemy will not sit quietly. He will attack you too. You can block his attacks by tapping on the screen. You will receive less damage on blocking.

Full Counter, Demonic Power, Boss & Stars

When you block the incoming attack at the perfect time, your character will perform a full counter and will not receive any damage. Full countering the attack also deals damage to the enemy. Moreover, your stamina bar will be charged instantly. You can also counter the enemy’s attack by attacking him before he attacks you. 

Attacking the enemies charges your demon’s ability. You can chain a combo attack without receiving any damage to charge the ability faster. Once the ability is charged, you can use it to unleash the demon’s power & slash the demon dealing massive damage. Enemies give you essence & mons (in-game coins) on death.

In the last room of the mission, you will face the boss. Defeating the boss will clear the mission and you will get a star. If you don’t use 4 potions or fall below 20% HP, you will get another star. Killing all enemies and exploring all rooms will give the third star. 

Collect Mons & Climb up The League

It has a league system divided into multiple divisions from Beginner, Swordman, Samurai to Hero, Master, and Legend. Each division has three sub-divisions from one to three except the legend division. You will be placed and ranked in these divisions based on the number of Mons you obtained by completing campaign levels & dungeons. Each subdivision grants you some benefits such as increased damage, division-specific frame, extra energy, increased defense, etc.

MOD Version of Demon Blade

This version has the following features. 

Damage Multiplier – Enter the value to increase the damage by X time. 

God Mode – Your character will become immortal.

No Attack CD – You can use attacks continuously. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is Demon Blade APK safe to install?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many types of elements do demons have?

Demons have five types of elements – Fire, Water, Nature, Storm, and Void.

How many divisions are there in the leagues?

There are six divisions, each having three sub-divisions except the Legend division. These divisions are Beginner, Swordman, Samurai, Hero, Master & Legend.

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Demon Blade is a mind-blowing game by Garage51 Entertainment with a fantastic storyline & turn of events. It features multiple game modes with leagues, divisions & rankings. You can customize your character with hundreds of weapons & equipment. Additionally, it has demons who can possess the blades to grant it special abilities. You can also unleash demonic powers in the battles. Moreover, the class system of enemies and demons adds a strategic genre to the battles. It will be a good choice to play this game. Have a nice day.

Download Demon Blade

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