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Devil Hunter Idle (6)
Devil Hunter Idle

Devil Hunter Idle MOD Apk Download 1.51 (Mega Menu)


Play Devil Hunter Idle MOD APK to become the best devil hunter by fighting against countless demons & bosses, and upgrading your skills.

App Info of Devil Hunter Idle

App Name

Devil Hunter Idle


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega Menu

About Devil Hunter Idle

Devil Hunter Idle MOD APK is an amazing idle, role-playing game featuring the story of a hybrid devil, the son of a demon and an angel, who is out there risking his life while fighting against the endless waves of demons & powerful foes. Come and help him to get stronger so that he won’t fall. Unlock weapons, skills, magic cards, demon forms, and much more as you increase his devil hunter rank, and dominate the demon world.

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Become Stronger and Defeat the Demon King

Devil Hunter Idle (1)

It’s offered by mobirix,  and you will play as a devil hunter in it to fight against various types of demons through countless stages. It features idle gameplay so you won’t have to do anything to attack the enemies. The hunter will do it himself. You just need to upgrade his stats, magic cards, skills, weapons, and other items. You can guide him to various dungeons, stages, chapters, and events to earn items & resources that will help him to grow stronger. 

Defeating enemies grants you EXP points, gold, and various equipment & gear like a sword, gun, ring, necklace, etc. Use the gold to increase the attributes such as HP, ATK, HP Regen, etc. After earning a certain amount of EXP, the devil level increases and rewards you with three trait points. Use them to upgrade various traits like melee attack power, shooting power, skill power, magic card power, gold gain, exp gain, etc. 

In a stage, after defeating a certain number of enemies, you can challenge the boss. Defeating him will take you to the next stage. 

Transform into Devil Form to Take on Powerful Bosses

Devil Hunter Idle (2)

As you proceed to higher levels, you will face tougher & stronger enemies & bosses. To face them, you can use your devil form by demonization skills. During your devil form, your ATK, ATK SPD, and Mov SPD are increased drastically, and you can easily cut them in half with your sword. 

To give it a strategic side, five classes of demon forms are available in the Devil Hunter Idle MOD APK. Each class grants your basic attacks & magic cards a type like fire, water, wood, light & darkness. You can use the superior type to deal with the enemies & bosses as each stage features enemies of a single type. 

Use this cycle – Fire ➡ Wood ➡ Water ➡ Fire and Light ⇄ Dark. Fire-type is superior against the wood-type enemies and deals 30% extra damage. If you use an inferior type, then the damage dealt will be reduced by 30%.

Defeat Ancient Devil – Swordsmaster of the Battlefield

Devil Hunter Idle (3)

In the dungeon of the Ancient Devils, there is a Swordsmaster of the Battlefield. He is so strong and immortal. So, you can only test how long you can stay alive in front of him and how much you can deal damage to him. That’s not all. Depending on the damage dealt in a limited time, you will get rank points. 

You can spend the rank points to increase 8 types of attributes such as melee attack power, shooting power, skill power, magic card power, attack, HP, HP regeneration, and critical damage. Upon upgrading all these 8 attributes a certain number of times, you can promote your devil to a higher hunter rank that doubles your ATK, HP & HP Regeneration stats, and also increases the number of skill & magic card slots.

Hundreds of Swords, Guns, Shotguns & Skills

Devil Hunter Idle (4)

We are getting many types of weapons like great swords, halberds, elven swords, long swords, cutlass, flame katana, golden revolvers, large caliber pistols, shotguns, and much more. Weapons are divided into melee and long-ranged classes and increase your ATK stats. Additionally, they also increase the melee attack power & shooting power respectively. 

We can further divide each of these classes into 2 categories – Sword, Large Weapons, Magnun, and Shotgun. Each category has a unique attack type. Swords have fast ATK speed and are advantageous to a single target. Large weapons have slow attack speed but deal 300% AOE damage. Shotguns fire 10 shots in a fan shape and are advantageous to a single target while magnums can penetrate the enemies to deal damage to the enemies behind so they are effective against multiple enemies. 

You can upgrade the weapons’ level using enhancing stones to increase their ATK. After a certain number of upgrades, you need to awaken it using the Wedge of Awakening stones that increase the weapon’s maximum level and enhance its unique effects.

Equip Accessories for Unique Boosts

Devil Hunter Idle (5)

There are three types of accessories – Rings, Necklaces, and Write Equipment. Equipping them increases your HP, HP Regen, and Magic Card Power respectively. Rings & necklaces have unique effects that boost your skill power, and magic card power. And wrist equipment reduces the damage received from monsters. To increase your survivability, these accessories provide great support. 

MOD Features of Devil Hunter Idle

Devil Hunter Idle MOD APK has the following features.

MOD 1 Info:

  • Mod Menu
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Increased Evade Chances
  • Massive Critical Hit Chances
  • Attack Speed Multiplier
  • Drop Rate Multiplier
  • Ad Skip / Ad Buff

MOD 2 Info:

  • Damage x1-150
  • Defense x1-150
  • Fast clear
  • Reward x1-100
  • Gold x1-100
  • Equipments x1-100

Download Devil Hunter Idle

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