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DragonVale MOD Apk Download 4.30.1 (Free Shopping)


Play DragonVale MOD APK which is a dragon-breeding simulation game and discover 700+ dragons from common to mythical rarity.

App Info of DragonVale

App Name



( 7 )





Requires Android



Free Shopping

About DragonVale

Hello, friends. Do you love dragons? If yes, then play DragonVale which has hundreds of mythical dragons and so many dragon islands. You can breed dragons of different types to create new hybrid dragons. Hatch eggs, raise & feed dragons, upgrade their levels, decorate the habitats, and build the best dragon park loved by everyone.

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Overview of DragonVale

DragonVale (1)
DragonVale (1)

DragonVale is a dragon breeding simulation game offered by Deca Games. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.3 rating out of 5. It features 700+ drawings to breed, hatch & raise, 50+ beautiful islands, and hundreds of decoration items to build the best dragon islands ever. 


In this game, you will build an amazing dragon park with different types of dragons to attract more visitors. To do that, you will hatch dragon eggs and build the same type of habitat where the dragon will live. Visitors will come to your park to see your dragons and will pay you with coins.

DragonVale (2)
DragonVale (2)

To increase the number of visitors, you can buy, hatch & raise more dragons and upgrade their levels. To upgrade their levels, you will need to prepare treats in the treat farm and then feed them the treats. Feeding them treats will increase their EXP and at a certain EXP, they will level up. 

Completing any kind of tasks such as feeding, preparing treats, leveling up dragons, breeding, etc. will also provide you player XP which is required for player level-up. Leveling up the player to a certain level unlocks new in-game content. The island will be full of obstacles like trees, bushes, stones, etc. So, you will need to remove them for building necessary buildings like dragon habitats, colosseum, treat farms, etc. You can also decorate the island to make it more beautiful. 

700+ Different Dragons

DragonVale (3)
DragonVale (3)

It includes 700+ different dragons which are divided into ten primary classes – Plant, Fire, Cold, Earth, Lightning, Water, Light, Dark, Metal, and Air. Each dragon has a different income value, incubation time, and breeding odds. You can upgrade them to increase their income value. Also, at certain levels, they evolve, and their appearance changes. And at max level, they will evolve into elder dragons with a drastic change in their appearance.

Breed Different Types of Dragons & Create Unique Dragons

DragonVale (4)
DragonVale (4)

You can also breed different types of dragons to create new types of dragons such as poison, ash, coral, crystal, lava, iron, storm, steel, sonic, plasma, smoke, and many more. You can try countless breeding combinations of various dragons. There are hundreds of dragons to discover. But there is a condition for breeding, your dragons must be above level 4. 

Play with Your Friends

It is more fun to play a game with friends, right? In this game, you can add friends to your friend list and play with them. It also has cooperative breeding where you can breed your dragon with your friend’s dragon. This way, you also have a chance to get your friend’s dragon even if it’s a rare or time-limited dragon. Moreover, you can breed galaxy dragons which are only possible through cooperative breeding. 

Send Your Dragons on Quest & Events

If you want to earn amazing rewards, then you can send your dragons on quests and events. In the colosseum, new events are released every day. You can send one of your dragons of the same type as of events. And after one day, you will get rewards depending on your dragon’s performance. One more thing, you can’t speed up the event using gems in the colosseum and also can’t use the dragon send on an event. 

MOD Version of DragonVale

In the MOD version of DragonVale, you are getting the following features.

Mod Menu Info:

  • Free Shop Dragon(Soot)
  • Free Shop Dragon(Dark)
  • Free Shop Dragon(Smoulderbrush)
  • Free Shop Dragon(Light)

NOTE: If the menu is not displayed, please enable ‘Display over other apps’ in the application settings.

NoteRun it after passing the tutorial.

Features Note : Get the dragons who want the most expensive coin jewels for free. You can sell your dragons and upgrade your coin quickly.

Free Shopping – It has a free shopping feature that allows you to buy anything in the game for free. 


Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

What is the max level of primary dragons?

Level 21 is the max level of all primary dragons. At level 21, they evolve into the elder dragons. 

How can I create a poison-type dragon?

To create a poison-type dragon, you will need to breed plant dragon and fire dragon.

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. DragonVale is an amazing dragon-breeding game with 700+ dragons. You can create your dragon park with the max-level dragons of the rarest rarity. It offers lots of decoratives to decorate your park, 50+ islands to raise countless dragons in their natural habitat, and so much more.

Download DragonVale

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