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Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 (5)
Final Fantasy Dimensions 2

FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS II MOD Apk Download 1.0.5 (Full Version, God Mode)


FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS II MOD APK is an epic role-playing game where you will travel through time to save the world from annihilation.


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Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Full Version, God Mode


Final Fantasy Dimensions II is a turn-based strategy RPG game offered by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. It features an interesting storyline of our Hero Morrow & Heroine Aemo who will go through past, present & future to save the world from total annihilation. It also features signet crystals from all Final Fantasy series to provide all types of abilities, skills, & summonings to our heroes. Play the game to embark on their journey and help them fight against powerful foes. 

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A Quest to Save the World

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 (1)

Dark forces have invaded the human realms and are wreaking havoc everywhere. Morrow (our protagonist), Wreig (Westan Adventurer), and Aemo (an unknown girl) fight against them but fail in the end. Just after that, Morrow wakes up from his dream. But, is that really a dream? Or is it a sign of an unavoidable future that will destroy everything?

Soon after that, a shooting star falls in the forest near the Navos, home village of Morrow. Wreig goes there to see the situation. Curious Morrow also follows him. When he reaches there, he meets a girl named Aemo who has forgotten everything about her. 

After that, they are attacked by Atomos. They try to defeat it but fail. Atomos, then, bends the space & time and sucked them into a portal that leads them to the Rift, which is outside the boundaries of time. There, they meet Cronos who is punished for eternity trapped in an unbreakable crystal, and Mog who is the Warden Moogle. 

Cronos explains everything to them. Atomos is an Eidolon, a mystical beast akin to Gods, and the guardian of the Rift. And the fact that he brings them to the Rift is proof that they are worthy of using the powers of Eidolons to save the world. Cronos asks them to fight against the dark forces to save the world. Thus, begins the journey of our chosen heroes in the Final Fantasy Dimensions II. 

Travel Through Past, Present & Future

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 (2)

The story mode is not just limited to the present but also goes through the past, future, and the Rift. To get powerful, and gain new allies, you will go through different eras. From the present AC2015 to past AC1280, to future AX2499, or to Eidola and The Rift which are outside the time boundaries. 

To start your journey, you first need to take approval from the Eidola King. But that won’t be easy. You have to show your strength and that you are worthy by facing many powerful warriors like Earth King Titan. You will also get their signet crystals as you win. 

Create Your Unique Team to Face Enemies

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 (3)

Throughout your adventurous journey, you will come across many strong adventurers that will accompany you on your quest. Parai, Maina, Jornee, Deathlord, Fake, Mist, and many others. You can choose any 3 of them to create your unique team. Each character has unique characteristics based on their race, job class, weapon, and element. 

You can take them to battles to earn EXP and increase their level. Leveling up and evolving their signet crystals increase their parameters like HP, Physical Attack, Magic, Speed, and MP. Equipping weapons & gears also gives a boost to their certain parameters. 

Equip Signet Crystals for Unique Abilities & Summons

Signet crystals allow heroes to use various types of abilities in battles. Each signet grants them unique abilities & magic. They can also summon powerful skills by drawing on the power of Eidolons. Each hero can equip up to 4 signets and there is no limit on the number of abilities gained by them. 

Fighting and winning the battles rewards you with AP which is used by the signet crystals. Gaining a certain amount of AP unlocks new abilities of Signets and enhanced the previous abilities. Once the AP of a signet is maxed out, you can evolve it using certain items to further enhance the abilities. You can do it twice per signet. In the second evolution, their passive abilities are also unlocked. 

Battle Against Powerful Foes & Exploit Their Weakness

Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 (4)

In the battles, you can use basic attacks, abilities, and summoning skills. Abilities, skills & summons are divided into six classes based on their elements – Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Dark. Also, each enemy possesses one of these elements. Fire ⇄ Water, Wind ⇄ Earth, and Light ⇄ Dark, the elements in these pairs counter each other and deal extra damage. So, you can use them to deal more damage to the enemies by using the counter element skills & abilities. 


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