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Honkai Star Rail (6)
Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail MOD Apk Download 1.6.0 (Speed Hack, Peeking)


Honkai: Star Rail MOD APK is a turn-based RPG & adventure game featuring an exciting astral journey full of mysteries, wonders, and action.

App Info of Honkai: Star Rail

App Name

Honkai: Star Rail


( 2 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Speed Hack, Peeking

About Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is a new fantasy RPG game with turn-based tactical combat offered by COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD. or you may know it as HoYoverse or miHoYo, is the developer of popular RPG Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact. It features a brand-new space adventure on Astral Express that will take you to the infinite wonders of stars. 

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Begin Your Journey As Stellaron Holder & Unravel Its Hidden Mystery

Honkai Star Rail (1)

Lots of things are happening in space recently which is gonna cause a lot of trouble for everyone. And it all revolves around you. Why? Because you have the thing inside of you that everyone wants. What’s that thing? How did you get involved with it? Read the following to get these answers. 

Herta – A Member of Genious Society

Herta is a renowned genius scientist who has countless achievements. But she is not driven by power but by interest. Out of pure interest in something, she starts working on any project. But if she loses her interest, she stops working on it even if the project is halfway through or at the ending phase. Space Astral Express is one of her creations that scientists now use to conduct research, explore space, and collect powerful & mysterious Curios. 

Stellaron – Cancer of All Worlds

Honkai Star Rail (2)

Herta came across the most mysterious element Stellaron, also known as Cancer of All Worlds, and sealed & hide it in the Astral Express. It’s a vague, imperceptible matter that even disrupts the flow of imaginary energy. Whenever it appears in any world, it swamps it with its overwhelming energy and destroys it to the point where no one can save or restore it. Moreover, the Antimatter Legion also appears with it. What is the connection between these two? No one knows. 

Invasion by Antimatter Legion

As the Stellaron is present on the Astral Express, it’s obvious that Antimatter Legion will be there. To get their hands on the Stallaron, they invade the galactic train. Thanks to Asta, the lead researcher & commander appointed by Herta, everyone evacuates to the safe zone except Kafka and Silver Wolf. To prevent Stallaron from falling into enemies’ hands, Silver Wolf hacks the system and finds its location. After that, Kafka uses a human vessel known as Trailblazer and infuses them together. 

Honkai Star Rail (3)

The Trailblazer comes to life having no memories. Thus, begins your journey as that Trailblazer and holder of the Stallaron to find out its mystery & truth, and eliminate all the threads that are a risk to your life and the Astral Express. 

Come Up with Tactics to Exploit Enemies’ Weaknesses

Honkai Star Rail features turn-based combat where your team and enemies attack in turns. And their turn is determined by their ATK Speed attribute. The higher the attribute, the earlier his/her turn. At the top left corner, you can see the sequence of the current lineup in the Action Order.

Honkai Star Rail (4)

You will face many types of enemies and each of them has toughness and multiple weaknesses. You can use heroes of the same type as their weaknesses to deplete their toughness and trigger Weakness Break which causes them to take more damage and also delay their action. 

Before starting the combat, you can see all types of weaknesses enemies have. You can attack the enemy with the same attack type or use the techniques to deplete the corresponding enemies’ toughness. Attacking the enemies with a different type of hero without breaking their toughness will deal less damage. So, first, break their toughness, then attack with other types of attack. 

Create Your Unique Teams for Every Scenario

It has 24 unique characters, 7 combat types, and 7 paths. Each character follows one path and one combat type. Also, each of them has a unique attack style, weapon, set of skills, ultimate, and techniques. Additionally, you can equip Light Cone with the same path as of character to increase their skills & improve their stats, and Eidolon resonance to add additional effects to their attacks, skills & Ultimate. 

Honkai Star Rail (5)

The 7 Paths 

The path defines their skills & target nature. These paths are as follows:

The Hunt – Characters only target a single enemy and deal massive damage with their basic attacks, skills & Ultimate. 

Destruction – They deal a good amount of damage, have great survivability, and have the skills to target single enemies as well as multiple enemies.

Harmony – Their skills target allies to give them various types of buffs. 

Preservation – They have defensive skills to protect allies by giving them shields and other similar ways. 

Nihility – They have skills that apply debuffs to the enemies and reduce their combat capabilities. 

Erudition – These characters are good to deal high damage to multiple enemies. 

Abundance – They come with healing skills to recover allies’ HP. 

The 7 Combat Types

The combat type is the nature of the characters’ attacks. And each type depletes the Toughness of the enemies of the same type and triggering the Weakness Break will apply certain effects. These combat types and their effects on Weakness Break are as follows:

Physical – Applies the Bleed effect which causes physical damage over time. 

Fire – Applies the Burn effect dealing fire damage over time.

Ice – Applies the Freeze status to the targets and immobilizes them. Also, deals additional ice damage while frozen. 

Wind – Applies the Wind Shear effect which deals wind damage over time and also at the start of the next turn.

Lightning – Applies the Shock effect and deals Lightning damage over time.

Quantum – Applies Entaglement effect which delays the enemies’ action. Also, it deals additional damage at the start of the next turn and increases the damage taken. 

Imaginary – Appies the Imprisonment effect which delays enemies’ action and reduces their ATK Speed. It causes their attack turn to fall in the Action Order. 

MOD Version of Honkai: Star Rail

  • Global SpeedHack
  • Battle Speedhack
  • Peeking
  • No Interface

Download Honkai: Star Rail

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