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Honey Crush MOD APK
Honey Crush MOD APK

Honey Crush MOD Apk Download 14.5 (Skill Upgrade, Free Key)


In Honey Crush Mod APK, everything depends on the match-3 levels & your skill to clear them. You have to complete the required objectives!

App Info of Honey Crush

App Name

Honey Crush


( 24 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Skill Upgrade, Free Key

About Honey Crush

Download Honey Crush MOD APK which has negligible skill upgrade cost and free unlimited keys. Additionally, moves, energy & hearts can be added by 100 instantly without spending any money. Buy anything you want in the key store, unlock any costume you want, and it will cost you nothing.

This MOD is best suitable for Honey Crush players who want to progress quickly to higher levels and unlock all pics & cutscenes. We have shared its latest version in this post. Use the Download button given below to get the Honey Crush MOD APK. To know more, keep reading the post.

Overview of Honey Crush

Honey Crush is a casual match-3 puzzle game developed by Red Dahlia Interactive and published by Nutaku Publishing. You will get to experience a well-written, interesting storyline with interactive dialogues. And a warning for the KIDS – This game is not for you, kid. First, grow up, then come back to play this game.


The story starts when a wizard named Manfred summons you to his world and forces you to play his game of getting all the girls and lovemaking with them. And if you fail to attract any girl, Manfred will turn you into a girl. Are you ready to attract the girls and win the game setup by Manfred? 


In this game, everything depends on the match-3 levels & your skill to clear them. You will have to complete the required objectives to clear the levels within limited moves or you will fail. There will be a board full of different types of pieces. You have to match three or more pieces of the same type in a row or column. Doing so will destroy them from the board. Keep destroying the pieces to achieve the given objectives such as destroying a certain number of red pieces, breaking all ice blocks, etc. On completing the level, you will get coins depending on how many moves are left, and stars depending on your score. 

Upgrade Your Skills to Score More Points

You have five skills – Charisma, Beauty, Romance, Sexuality & Passion and upgrading them will increase the score you get on destroying the red, orange, blue, yellow, and green pieces respectively. So, it will be easier to get more scores and get all the stars on clearing the level. 

Match-ups & Boosters

There are 4 types of boosters in the game and you can either select them before starting the level or create them by matching a certain number of pieces during the level. You can use the boosters to increase your score and destroy many pieces that will save you many moves. You can also combine two boosters for more significant destruction on the board. We have shared the match-up conditions for creating the boosters. 

Striped – Match four pieces of the same type & color to create a striped gem with horizontal or vertical stripes that will clear all the pieces of its row or column respectively. 

Diagonal Striped – Match four pieces in 2×2 blocks to create a diagonal striped gem and using it will clear all the pieces in its diagonal blocks. 

Glass Bomb – Match give pieces in T or L shape to create a glass bomb. Using it will destroy its surrounding pieces twice.

Color Bomb – Matching 5 pieces in a straight row or column creates a color bomb. You can swipe with any type of piece. Then it will destroy all pieces of the matched piece from the board. 

Download Honey Crush MOD APK Latest Version

Honey Crush MOD APK 2022 comes with four mod features. These features will help you to unlock girls, and their costumes, and reach higher levels. Below, we have given a full description of these features. Read them.

Skill Upgrade Very Cheap

Upgrading costs thousands of coins in the official version of the game. Collecting a thousand coins takes so much time. To save your precious time & efforts, we have reduced the upgrade cost to almost negligible. It’s like a free upgrade. 

Free Keys Store (Free Shopping)

Keys are used to unlock items such as girls, costumes, avatars, extra moves, etc. in the key store. And the rate of getting some keys is so low while all items in the key store required no less than 400 keys. Therefore, this feature is added in this MOD. With this feature, you can buy anything from the shop for free. The game will show you the original cost of the items, but ignore them and buy the item. It will cost no keys. 

Add 10 Moves, Energy & Hearts

In the key store, two items add a maximum of 10 moves & energy permanently. Energy is required to start a level. Each time you start a level, it consumes one energy. And it takes 30 minutes to replenish the energy. That’s where these MOD features come into play. You can add 10 moves & energy permanently without spending any keys in the shop. 

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

What MOD features are included in Honey Crush MOD APK?

It includes free shopping, extra 10 moves & energy, and reduced skill upgrade cost features. 

How many game modes are there in Honey Crush?

There are three game modes – Story mode, The Gauntlet, and Tournaments. 

How to Install Game/App MOD APK?

  • Download Honey Crush MOD APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Honey Crush is similar to Candy Crush if we talk about the match-3 levels. What makes it more interesting than candy crush is its engaging storyline with cute girls. It also features events & tournaments aside from story mode. Using the Honey Crush MOD, you can enjoy awesome features in the game. Free key store shopping and skill upgrade cost reduction features are of great help to the players. So, download it now and enjoy your time with cute girls. Have a nice day!

Download Honey Crush

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