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Iron Marines
Iron Marines

Iron Marines - RTS Offline Game MOD Apk Download 1.8.4 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)


Iron Marines MOD APK features real-time strategic & tactical gameplay and many times of weapons, units & heroes to defeat aliens.

App Info of Iron Marines - RTS Offline Game

App Name

Iron Marines - RTS Offline Game


( 6 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Free Shopping

About Iron Marines - RTS Offline Game

Iron Marines is a mind-blowing RTS game that will test your tactical skills. Here, you can create your special squad with different units, unique heroes, and powerful weapons to expand your territory on three different alien planets and defeat various kinds of aliens, insectoids, robots, etc. in 50+ challenging levels. 

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Overview of Iron Marines

Iron Marines

Iron Marines is an offline, real-time strategy game offered by Ironhide Games. It has over a million downloads with a 4.6 rating out of 5 on the Play Store. It features top-down perspective 4X gameplay where you will explore the area, expand your territory, exploit the available resources, and exterminate the alien enemies. 


In this game, you will have the top-down perspective view of the area and have to lead your army on alien planets. You have to come up with strategies & tactics and use the available resources effectively to kill all the aliens. 

Iron Marines

There will be a refinery that extracts Etherwatts over time which is used to train units and construct & upgrade defenses. Alongside the refinery, it will have a base and 2-3 turret bases. You can train troops at the base, and build defensive turrets at other bases. 

The area will be full of aliens, nests, and other creatures. You have to explore the area by directing your army units & hero. They will automatically attack the enemies in their range. Once you achieve the given objective such as defeating all the aliens, protecting the transmission tower, clearing the waves, etc., the level will be cleared. 

8 Powerful Weapons & Skills

It has 8 powerful weapons and skills. Before the battle, you can equip any three of those. It has Bouncers, Etherium Surge, Replicant Mines, Accumulator, Frostbite Warhead, Proximity Bollard, Mortar Team, and Orbital Strike. These weapons & skills are as follows:

Orbital Strike – It will fire 50 explosive missiles in a wide area, devastating all the enemies. 

Bouncers – It will drop three bombs that will detonate when enemies come in its range.

Etherium Surge – It gives you 50 Etherwatts.

Iron Marines

Replicant Mines – A replicant mine replicates itself and produces up to 4 mines over time.

Accumulator – It’s an Etherwatts storage and increases the maximum storage by 50. When destroyed, it explodes and deals massive damage to its surroundings. 

Frostbite Warhead – It freezes all the enemies & structures for a few seconds.

Proximity Bollard – It’s a defensive turret that remains hidden underground and pops up when enemies come in its range. Then it attacks them with its electricity.

Mortar Team – It deploys a squad of bombers. They have a long attack range and can attack enemies over barriers. 

14 Unique Heroes with Special Abilities

It includes 14 unique heroes, each with a unique set of three abilities – 2 Active and 1 Passive. You can use any hero you like in the battles and use their powerful abilities to destroy enemies. The hero will gain EXP on defeating the enemies. EXP is required to level up the hero. With each level up, you can also upgrade his ability. Each ability can be upgraded to ten levels to enhance the damage and unlock new effects. 

Iron Marines

In the battles, you can recall and deploy the hero anywhere & anytime you want. When out of battle, he will recover his HP over time. If he is defeated by the enemies, then it will take some time to resurrect him. 

Deploy 9 Different Units

There are 9 different types of units divided into three classes – Army, Mecha, and Empyrean. Army-class units include Rangers, Snipers, and Engineers. Rangers are mid-range gunners with moderate damage and high defense & rate of fire. Snipers have a very long attack range and high damage but have no armor. Engineers use Plasma guns that attack continuously and their damage increases over time on the same target.  

Mecha-class units are Flamewalkers, Shellstorms, and Brawlers. Shellstoms launch missiles at enemies and can attack over barriers. They are good against air enemies. Empyrean-class units are Guardians, Diplomats, and Channellers. Guardians are the fastest units and deal massive damage with their Psychic swords. And if you need support, then Diplomats are the best. They provide a shield to the allies and their Psychic beams stun the enemies. 

MOD Version of Iron Marines

The MOD version of Iron Marines comes with the following features. 

Unlimited Money – You can upgrade your army with ease. 

Free Shopping – You can buy special weapons for free. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

Can I change units from one class to another?

No. You can change the units only from their class. 

How many units can I deploy?

At the start, you can deploy two units. Then you can explore and find the unit space on the map to deploy more units. 

Final Words

Iron Marines – RTS Offline Game is truly a challenging strategy game. Diversities of alien enemies, unique environmental setups, and various types of army units, weapons & heroes give you so much to explore in the game. You can also change the difficulty level from casual, normal to the veteran, and impossible anytime. If you have what it takes to save the galaxy from alien attacks, play the game. 

Download Iron Marines - RTS Offline Game

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