youtubevanced Missile Dude RPG MOD APK v99 (Unlimited Stimpack, Auto Shoot) Download
Missile Dude RPG MOD APK v99 (Unlimited Stimpack, Auto Shoot) Download

Missile Dude RPG MOD APK v99 (Unlimited Stimpack, Auto Shoot) Download

Android Android Role Playing
5 ( 165 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Missile Dude RPG : idle shot
Publisher Artifact games
Genre Role Playing
Size 50 MB
Version 99
Update November 30, 2022
MOD Unlimited Stimpack, Auto Shoot
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Missile Dude RPG : idle shot is the most famous version in the Missile Dude RPG : idle shot series of publisher Artifact games
Mod Version 99

Download Missile Dude RPG MOD APK with unlimited stimpack, double game speed, auto-shoot enabled, and the MOD menu to trigger these features at will. Playing this MOD game is like playing the VIP version with even more amazing features. Don’t hold back anymore and kill all the Diablo with your max-out launcher & marine units in this MOD.

Most players are bored after playing certain stages of this game because they have to tap every single time to launch the missile. Keeping tapping is tiresome after a period. The same goes for game speed. Who likes slow-paced games? No one. And that’s why we are here today with the Missile Dude RPG MOD APK that overcomes all these drawbacks of the official game. 

Overview of Missile Dude RPG:  Idle Shot

Missile Dude RPG MOD APK_result
Missile Dude RPG MOD APK_result

Missile Dude RPG is a casual role-playing game offered by Artifact games. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Also, it has the VIP version with the same number of downloads that provides certain premium resources to the players. Except that, there’s no difference in both games. 


Missile Dude RPG MOD APK2_result
Missile Dude RPG MOD APK2_result

The demons have evaded the earth. Countless demons with portal abilities are summoning the horde of demons to destroy humanity and take over the earth. Now only you can save humanity using your missile skills, marine force, and unyielding spirit. 


The gameplay is very simple in this game. Your character will be on the left side and the demons will be spawned by the demon having portal ability on the right side. They will march towards you to kill you. All you have to do is to kill them. To do that, you have a missile launcher and marine force. 

Missile Dude RPG MOD APK4_result
Missile Dude RPG MOD APK4_result

Tapping the screen will launch the missile at the nearest demon and you will get minerals for killing them. Use the minerals to upgrade your launcher and unlock new skills & marine units such as spider tank, drone, mortar, grunt, etc. Marine units attack automatically. 

Once you kill the portal demon, the stage will be cleared and you will proceed to the next stage. At every 10th stage, you will face the demon boss. Kill it to progress further. If you fail to kill the boss, the stage will restart with the endless horde of normal demons. And this time, you can spawn the boss whenever you want. Also, you won’t proceed to the next stage until you kill that boss. 

Upgrade Your Launcher & Missiles

Missile Dude RPG MOD APK3_result
Missile Dude RPG MOD APK3_result

Upgrading the launcher is the main part of the game if you want to clear stages quickly. With each stage, the demons’ HP will increase. And you need to upgrade your launcher too to increase the damage of the missiles. Also, after every 20 upgrades, you can unlock a new launcher’s traits such as critical damage, all units damage increment, mineral drop, increased stimpack duration, etc. 

In addition to the launcher, there are many types of missiles from common to ancient rarity and each type increases the damage to a certain percentage. You can equip three different missiles and upgrade them using red stones to increase their damage & unlock new effects. 

8 Different Skills

Missile Dude RPG MOD APK5_result
Missile Dude RPG MOD APK5_result

It includes 8 different powerful skills that you can use to destroy the demons more easily. It has a big beautiful missile that deals 20000% damage, a missile bombard that bombards missiles for 30 seconds on the whole stage area dealing 200% damage, and dual launcher skill that allows you to use two launchers simultaneously. Moreover, corpse rooting and drug junkie skills grant you a buff that let you earn more minerals and deal 50 additional critical damage along with stimpack respectively. 

Download Missile Dude RPG MOD APK Latest Version

Missile Dude RPG MOD APK offers three mod features to its players – Unlimited Stimpack, Auto-shoot, and Double game speed. These features allow the players easily progress through the game levels. Let’s look at these features in detail in the following subsections.

MOD Menu

MOD Menu is the menu that floats on the display as a button and contains all three MOD features as toggleable options. Via this menu, you can activate and deactivate the features whenever you like. 

Unlimited Stimpack

Stimpack is a dose that boosts your character’s attacking speed and damage for a short period. It’s an important time to deal great damage to the demons. So, we have added an unlimited stimpack feature in this MOD. When activated, the stimpack period will never end. 

Auto Shoot

In the official game, you have to tap the screen to shoot the missiles at the demons. You can also enable the auto-shoot using the lase lock booster or watching an ad, but it will only provide the auto-shoot for 3 minutes. That’s not enough. Here, you can activate the auto-shoot feature to enable auto-shoot for infinite time. No need to tap the screen anymore. 

Double Game Speed

Game speed determines the rate at which demons spawn, your units shoot them, the research works, and the progress. You can double the game speed to progress at a 2x rate, but it will cost real money. To save you from that, we have added this feature for free in this MOD. You can activate it via the MOD Menu. 

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

Which MOD features are included in the Missile Dude RPG MOD APK?

It includes unlimited stimpack, double game speed, and auto-shoot features.

How many game modes does it have?

It has two game modes – Campaign and Dungeons.

How to Install Game/App MOD APK?

  • Download Missile Dude RPG MOD APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Missile Dude RPG MOD APK offers all necessary MOD features that were not present in the official game. The official game restricts you by slow game speed, short-time stimpack, and manual shooting. In this MOD, you can enjoy the game at 2x speed and your character will shoot the missiles automatically with the stimpack applied for unlimited time. No need to watch ads, no need to pay money. Just download the MOD and enjoy it for free. 

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