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RFS - Real Flight Simulator

RFS - Real Flight Simulator MOD Apk Download 2.2.6 (Full Game)


App Info of RFS - Real Flight Simulator

App Name

RFS - Real Flight Simulator


( 109 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Full Game

About RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Hey there, from here, you can download RFS Real Flight Simulator APK for free. So, you can fly anywhere in the world and discover buildings, satellites, and other planes on just your android devices.

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Overview of RFS – Real Flight Simulator

Real Flight Simulator is the most advanced flight simulator mobile game where you can experience flying. It’s offered by RORTOS which is famous for flight simulator games. The game allows us to take off, landing, and full flight. This gives us an amazing experience of flying.

Graphics Quality


The graphics are amazing and top-notch for mobile devices. As it’s a new generation game, it requires lots of CPU power to be able to run properly. We can fly all over the world and explore sceneries and airports. The quality of their images is incredible. There are 3D buildings, clear runways, air traffic, and so much more to discover.

An Amazing Flight Simulator


Real Flight Simulator game has almost all the features that you will wish for a flight simulator game. For example, there is an advanced multi-panel system where you can personalize all of your instruments and gauges as well. Speaking of the instruments, you will see PFD, ND, Map, Engines, Fuel, etc. There are high-resolution graphics and so many airports and runways.



The game includes instruments, indicators, Instrument Landing Systems, Flying Controls, Aircraft systems, Engine start/stop buttons, autopilot, caution alarm, multi-camera, and so many real features that we see in an aeroplane. We can start the engine, check its fuel, check the map, use the multi-cameras for various views & angles. We can use brakes, pushback, main throttle, flaps, and control the plane the way we want to.

Detailed Flying


Official RFS Real Flight Simulator APK has some paid features like the advanced flight plan and real-time flights. Players can create or edit flight plans. They can choose custom day or night cycles, add weight limits, choose wind direction or speed, choose weather (rainy, foggy, clear, etc.) in their flight plans. There are forty thousand flights take off every day in this game. It has so many famous airports from all over the world, and we can see their connected destinations as well. But these features are only available for PRO users.

Our Opinion


Speaking personally, just like the name RFS Real Flight Simulator, the game is indeed the best flight simulator for mobile devices. Here, you can learn and enjoy flying. Even, you will learn all the things related to aircraft and airline operations. Also, the graphics are so beautiful that you will enjoy the gameplay. You can have access to so many features if you buy a premium subscription. There are advanced flight plans, real-time flights, and multiplayer.

What’s new?

New engine sounds with 3D spatial audio system for CESSNA 172, BOEING 737-800, BOEING 737-800BCF
New boarding vehicle for planes with less than 10 passengers
New tutorials
Bug fixes

Download RFS - Real Flight Simulator

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