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Shadow Brides
Shadow Brides

Shadow Brides MOD Apk Download 1.0.41 (Damage/Defense Multiplier)


Shadow Brides MOD APK is a tactical strategy role-playing game and has 40+ beautiful girls to fight against demons & beasts.

App Info of Shadow Brides

App Name

Shadow Brides


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android



Damage/Defense Multiplier

About Shadow Brides

Shadow Brides is an amazing role-playing game with an interesting storyline. It features 40+ characters to create a unique lineup, multiple ways to upgrade your characters & gain various buffs, and multiple game modes to play. You can also interact with your girls to increase your intimacy with them and unlock their various mind-blowing skins.

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Overview of Shadow Brides: Gothic RPG

Shadow Brides is a tactical strategy role-playing game with anime-styled characters & graphics offered by Laura Games. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Summon cute girls to fight against the demons & corrupted enemies, resonate with your girls to increase their power, defeat the Queen of Nightmare to save the world, and play in the arena to face real players, 


Shadow Brides (1)
Shadow Brides (1)

The story is about the Queen of Nightmare, Bathory who made a deal with the devil four hundred years ago. Devil promised her Devil’s Eight Powers if she opened the Gates of Hell. She accepted the deal and opened the gates. But the sinful energy from the Gates of Hell was spilled worldwide that made humans gain power but they also lost control. Those who retained their control became magicians. Bathory sealed the Eight Powers in True Blood before disappearing. And now there are many hosts of True Blood. 

Demons can sense the presence of True Blood and if someone manages to get their hand on True Blood, they will get immense power. So, every demon and corrupted beings are after the True Blood hosts. Your mentor, Ms. Helsing implanted the demon’s heart in your body. So, now you can sense the True Blood hosts and can also use their powers. Now, it’s on you to find all the hosts of True Blood and defeat the Quee of Nightmare, Bathory to save the world. 


 In this game, you will play levels to progress through the storyline of the game. You will create a lineup of your girls to fight against demons, witches, beasts, and other enemies in levels. In a level, there will be 9 cells in a 3×3 area on both sides of the screen. Your main character and the enemy boss will be in the middle outermost cell. 

Shadow Brides (2)
Shadow Brides (2)

Your girls will be shown at the bottom of the screen. You can drag & drop them in any cell, but it will consume energy. Energy replenishes over time. Depending on the characters’ attack speed, they will attack and use their skills in turns automatically. Defeating the enemy boss will result in victory. 

On winning the level, you will get rewards such as player XP, diamonds, coins, EXP potions, etc. Player XP is required to level up the player. Leveling up the player increases the maximum stamina, ATK, HP, DEF, and other attribute stats of your main character. Girls used in the battle also earn EXP. 

40+ Powerful & Cute Girls

Shadow Brides (3)
Shadow Brides (3)

There are more than 40 beautiful and powerful girls in this game. And they are divided into 7 classes based on their roles – Slayer, Guardian, Sorcerer, Heal, Light, Spell, and Summon. Slayer girls deal the highest damage to a single enemy while Sorcerer girls are great at dealing group damage. Guardian girls have high HP & DEF and are good at blocking incoming damage. 

Shadow Brides (4)
Shadow Brides (4)

Light girls have skills that grant buffs to allies while Spell girls have skills to debuff the enemies & decrease their attribute stats. Heal girls can heal your allies and remove negative status from them. And summon-class girls can summon beasts to fight alongside them. Also, every girl has a different attack style & set of skills. You can create countless lineups depending on their skills and roles. 

MOD Version of Shadow Brides

In this version, you are getting the following features. 

MOD Menu – You can activate & deactivate the multiplier options and set their values.

Damage Multiplier – It will increase your characters’ damage by X times (X= entered value in the damage multiplier). 

Defense Multiplier – It will increase your characters’ defense by X times (X= entered value in the defense multiplier)

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Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely secure for use.

How many game modes does this game have?

It has a story mode, trials, arena, rankings, quests, and time-limited events modes. 

How many character classes are there in this game?

There are 7 character classes – Slayer, Guardian, Sorcerer, Heal, Light, Spell, and Summon. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Shadow Brides comes with multiple game modes like story mode, arena, trials, quests, time-limited events, etc. You can choose to play any mode you like. And with 40+ different girls, you can come up with countless unique lineups to defeat enemies. Its storyline, character’s unique background story & romantic story with you are all fantastic.

Download Shadow Brides

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