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Shadow Knights (5)
Shadow Knights

Shadow Knights MOD Apk Download 3.24.87 (God Mode, Damage, No Skill CD)


Shadow Knights MOD APK is a hack & slash RPG game set in a dark shadow fantasy world featuring 7 unique heroes and multiple game modes.

App Info of Shadow Knights

App Name

Shadow Knights


( 2 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


God Mode, Damage, No Skill CD

About Shadow Knights

Shadow Knights: Ninja Game War is a role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world of undead, ghouls, monsters, and epic bosses. Fansipan Limited offers it and has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. It features an adventurous story mode, hero campaigns, dungeons, a hell tower, survival mode, and a multiplayer arena. Additionally, hundreds of weapons, equipment, gears & runes are available to customize the hero set, and pets to accompany them in their journey. 

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Start Your Adventerous Journey in a Dark Fantasy World

It has two chapters, both having three different stages/locations like Citadel of Death, The Ancient Forest, Ruined Castle, etc. Each stage/location has unique types of enemies and bosses and contains ten levels. In the last level, you will face an epic powerful boss. The number of enemies and their strength will increase with each level and you need to upgrade your hero to face them on equal grounds. 

Shadow Knights (1)

Each level has three conditions. If you fulfill them, you will get three stars. On clearing the level, you will earn the hero EXP, account EXP, and other mentioned rewards like gears. Hero EXP is required to level the hero which increases their attribute stats such as ATK, HP, Defense, Magic Resistance, etc.

Select Your Mighty Warrior, Ninja, or Elite Samurai

Shadow Knights include 7 unique heroes. You can choose any hero you like to complete your journey. Each hero has a unique playstyle, weapon, and set of skills. The first one is Noah who is a mighty warrior wielding a giant sword and skillful in slashing the enemies with his ferocious swings. 

Shadow Knights (2)

The other is Hector who was a highwayman, depending on his powerful fists to rob the travelers. But as the world fell into darkness and people suffered, he regretted his past actions. To atone for his sins, he is now using his strength to slay the dark enemies. 

Another mighty swordsman Kazetsu, the last heir of the Fusei Wind clan, was training on the wind-control atop Mount Fuji when the demons invaded his land and killed his parents & destroyed his clan. With the pain of not being able to save his clan and the loneliness in his heart, he has vowed to kill every single demon to avenge the death of their parents & clan. 

Upgrade Your Weapons & Gears

Apart from leveling up the heroes, you can equip various types of equipment such as boots, rings, armor, cape, helmet, mask, bracelets, etc. to make them stronger. Each hero wields a unique weapon and can’t equip the weapons of other heroes. However, their weapons are categorized into various sets featuring different buffs, bonuses, and set bonuses. 

Shadow Knights (3)

Gears & equipment are also categorized. Equipping a certain number of equipment of the same set grant you set bonuses. You can also enhance them using enhancement crystals or other weapons, awaken them to break their limit and fuse them to increase their rarity level. If any equipment has a rune slot, you can insert runes of various types to increase specified attribute stats. 

Test Your Limit in Survival Mode

If you think you are strong enough to withstand the endless waves of undead, demons, monsters, and ghouls, then enter the Survival Mode. Test yourself and find out how long you can dominate the enemies before falling into the despair of being powerless. Also, depending on your survival time, you will earn rewards. 

Compete Against Real Players

It also has a multiplayer arena where you can show your skills to real players from around the world and defeat them to reach the top of the leaderboard. But it will not be as easy as said. You will have to level up your hero, gears, weapons, equipment & pets, and create your unique set to counter them. 

Shadow Knights (4)

The arena is divided into multiple leagues and leagues into divisions. Achieving higher league & division for the first time will grant you unique rewards. Also, at the end of the season, you will get awesome rewards. 

Need Gold? Runes? Equipment? Enter the Dungeon

The dungeon is the best place to earn gold, runes & equipment. If you believe in your strength & skills, then enter the dungeon and win awesome rewards. It has three types of dungeons – Goblin’s Lair, Crystal Mine, and Armory Dungeon. These features gold, runes, and equipment fragments respectively. Each dungeon has three difficulty levels – Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Once you clear the first difficulty level, you can enter the next difficulty-level dungeon to earn more rewards. 

MOD Features of Shadow Knights

Mod 1 Info

  • MOD Menu
  • God Mode
  • High Damage

Mod 2 Info

  • Immortality

Mod 3 Info

  • No Skill CD
  • God Mode

Download Shadow Knights

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