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Slash and Girl
Slash Girl Endless Run Mod

Slash and Girl MOD Apk Download (God Mode, One-Hit Kill)


Slash and Girl MOD APK is a three-lane runner game where you will defeat evil jokers using your hack & slash attacks.

App Info of Slash and Girl

App Name

Slash and Girl


( 30 )




Requires Android

5.0 and up


God Mode, One-Hit Kill

About Slash and Girl

Slash & Girl is an action-packed endless runner game offered by SHENZHEN QINGTIAN IE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. It combined the endless running with the hack & slash elements where you will kill all the jokers that come your way. 

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Slash And Girl MOD APK2_result
Slash And Girl MOD APK2_result

In this game, everyone was happy and living a peaceful life until one day when a joker who always lived alone in the dark streets & was unable to smile, fell completely into the darkness, and decided to take over the world. At present, all cities are filled with countless jokers and no one dares to go against them. Except for Doris. She is a maniac girl who has no care in the world and just loves to fight against the jokers. 

Jokers & How to Kill Them

Slash And Girl MOD APK3_result
Slash And Girl MOD APK3_result

There are many types of jokers in this game. Small jokers, giant jokers, shielded jokers, flying jokers, etc. Each joker has a certain HP count. If your ATK power is equal to or greater than the jokers’ HP, then you will only need one attack to kill them. Otherwise, you will have to attack them again. 

Killing a joker is simple. When the joker is in your lane, swipe up to use your weapon to cut him into pieces. If he is in other lanes, then just swipe in their direction when you get near them. To kill the flying jokers, swipe up to jump and attack them. Doris also has an AOE skill that you can use to deal damage to multiple jokers at once. Jump in the air and then swipe down to slam the ground with your weapon. It will deal damage to all the jokers present at that location including all lanes. 

On attacking a shielded joker or joker with higher HP than your ATK attribute, they will bounce back and you will have to attack them again to kill them. The shielded joker will lose his shield and the higher HP joker’s HP will be deducted by your ATK count. Killing a giant joker is also similar. A giant joker covers multiple lanes and his attack range is also long. When he attacks, you will see a red indication on that lane. You have to switch lanes to avoid his strike. Doing so will also let your character attack him. 

300+ Different Weapons

Slash And Girl MOD APK4_result
Slash And Girl MOD APK4_result

It includes more than 300 different weapons with unique slash effects. You can equip any weapon you like. Use the Venom Axe, Katana, Ion Deconstructor, Chainsaw, Terror Reaper’s Scythe, Onimaru, or any other weapon that suits your style and show the jokers what you have got. 

Weapons are categorized into ranks C, B, A, S, and SS providing rarity & attack power increasing. The weapons belonging to these ranks can have a maximum attack power of up to 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 respectively after upgrading. Most of the weapons can be bought using gold, but some of them have some conditions. You can tap on the weapon to see the conditions to unlock it. 

Complete Events to Get Amazing Outfits

Slash And Girl MOD APK5_result
Slash And Girl MOD APK5_result

This game features new events from time to time in which you can participate and get the chance to win an amazing outfit with a unique weapon. The weapon also has a unique skill that benefits you in the battles. A nurse outfit, school uniform, Oni species suit, Fuma Ninja, Shark, and many more outfits are waiting for you in the game. 

MOD Version of Slash and Girl

The MOD version of Slash & Girl comes with the following features.

God Mode

God mode makes your character immortal and invincible. Taking any kind of damage will not affect your HP while god mode is active.

One-Hit Kill

At you proceed to higher waves and higher difficulty, you will face jokers with high HP. And your ATK power will not be enough to take them down with just one hit. Therefore, we have added the one-hit kill feature to kill the jokers in only one hit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many game modes does it have?

It has Travel, Coins Smash, Dark War, and Events game modes.


Slash and Girl is a unique endless runner game with the hack & slash elements that bring up all the fun of these genres to the top. You can customize your character, choose a weapon from a collection of 300+, and play more than 5 game modes.

Download Slash and Girl

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