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Toy Cubes Pop

Toy Cubes Pop MOD Apk Download 10.90.5068 (Unlimited Gold & Boosters)


Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK is a pair-matching game with thousands of levels where you will match pairs of matching pieces to clear levels.

App Info of Toy Cubes Pop

App Name

Toy Cubes Pop


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Gold & Boosters

About Toy Cubes Pop

Toy Cubes Pop is a pair-matching puzzle game offered by Yo App. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. It’s suitable for any age group of players and also offline so that you don’t need an internet connection.

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Gameplay of Toy Cubes Pop

Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (1)
Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (1)

The gameplay is so simple. There are 2000+ well-designed levels. And to clear all levels, you will have to achieve the objectives i.e. collect certain cubes, clear obstacles, collect items, etc. by clearing the cubes from the board. You will get a limited number of moves to achieve the objectives.

On the board, there will be different colors of cubes arranged randomly. If there are two or more cubes of the same color arranged adjacently, then tapping one of them will clear all those cubes. These cubes don’t necessarily have to be in a straight row or column as long as they are adjacently in contact with each other. 

Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (2)
Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (2)

Clearing out a certain number of the same cubes also creates boosters on that board. You can use them to boost the score and clear out a large number of cubes. When you achieve all the objectives and some moves remain unused, then the same number of cubes will be converted to boosters to give a final boost in the score. After that, depending on your total score, you will get up to 3 stars. 

6 Types of Boosters

Are you stuck at a hard level? Use the boosters. Boosters are of great help no matter the game. Toy Cubes Pop features 6 types of boosters to help the players if they ever need help to get out of a difficult level. Below, we have explained both classes of boosters. 

Pre-level Boosters

There are three types of pre-level boosters – Rocket, Bomb & Rainbow Ball. These boosters are selectable before starting the level. When you select any of these boosters and start the level, then you will get one booster of each selected type at a random position. You can’t use these boosters on a level. However, you can create them using various combos, which we will discuss in the next section – Several Combos. 

Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (3)
Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (3)

In-level Boosters

You can use the in-level boosters – Hammer, Cross Removal & Ferris Wheel, without any limit in a level as long as you have them. To use these boosters, just select the booster and then tap on the piece where you want to use it. The hammer will destroy a single selected cube. Using the cross-removal booster on a cube will clear its entire row & column and the Ferris wheel will clear all the cubes of the same color.

Several Combos to Create Boosters

Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (4)
Toy Cubes Pop MOD APK (4)

You can also create the rocket, bomb, and rainbow ball boosters using some combos which are easy to pull off. These combos are as follows:

Rocket – Popping 5 or 6 cubes of the same color will create a rocket. Using it will clear an entire row or column depending on its direction. 

Bomb – Popping 7 or 8 cubes of the same color will create a bomb. Using a bomb will clear all 8 adjacent cubes around it. 

Rainbow Ball – Popping 9 or more cubes of the same color will create a rainbow ball. Using it will clear all the cubes of the matched color from the board no matter the position.

MOD Version of Toy Cubes Pop

The MOD version of Toy Cubes Pop comes with the following features.

Unlimited Gold

Gold is the only currency used in this game. You can use it to buy boosters and lives. And you are getting unlimited gold in this version. So, you can use that unlimited gold to buy lives whenever all the lives are lost.

Unlimited Boosters

Buying boosters over and over again using unlimited gold can be tiring. So, we have added unlimited boosters. No need to buy boosters anymore.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many in-level boosters are there in the Toy Cubes Pop?

There are three types of in-level boosters – Hammer, Cross Removal, and Ferris Wheel. 


Toy Cubes Pop includes 2000+ levels having hundreds of different kinda obstacles that will challenge you throughout the game. And 6 types of boosters that are like a spark enough to light a candle of hope in those high difficulty levels. 

Download Toy Cubes Pop

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