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Penny & Flo
Penny & Flo

Penny & Flo MOD Apk Download 1.133.0 (Unlimited Money, Stars)


Play Penny & Flo MOD APK which is a pair-matching puzzle game and clear thousands of levels to help Penny & Flo to renovate the mansion.

App Info of Penny & Flo

App Name

Penny & Flo


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Stars

About Penny & Flo

Be a part of an amazing story in Penny & Flo and play more than five thousand levels of pair-matching puzzles. Choose Penny or Flo to create different types of boosters, solve puzzles & achieve the objectives, and renovate the mansion for Penny’s wedding. 

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Overview of Penny & Flo – Home Renovation

Penny & Flo (1)
Penny & Flo (1)

Penny & Flo is a casual pair-matching game offered by Tactile Games. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.5 rating out of 5. It features a fascinating story full of an interesting turn of events and you will fix them using your puzzle-solving skills. 


Penny & Flo (2)
Penny & Flo (2)

The story revolves around Penny and Flo. Penny’s marriage is fixed with Butch and Flo is her wedding planner. But the wedding place is a big mess now and there’s so much work & renovation to do to decorate it perfectly for the wedding. You will help them in renovating the place and mansion. But it will not be easy. You will face so many challenges and unexpected turns of events. Can you help them?


In this game, to help Penny & Flo, you need to complete the tasks such as cleaning the yard, fixing the walls, building new staircases, and many more. To do these tasks, you will need stars. And to earn stars, you will need to clear the puzzle levels.

Penny & Flo (3)
Penny & Flo (3)

In a level, achieve the objectives by removing the matching pieces in a pair of 2 or more. Removing a certain number of matching pieces in a move will also create various boosters that will help you to remove multiple pieces easily. You will get a limited number of moves to achieve the objective. 

There are many types of objectives in the game. For instance, collect X number of red pieces, remove all paper pieces, collect book pieces, etc. When you achieve all the objectives, the remaining moves will convert random pieces into boosters and then trigger them to give you a score boost. Depending on your final score, you will get coins that are used to buy lives & boosters. 

Penny & Flo (4)
Penny & Flo (4)

Once you have stars, use them to complete the tasks. For each renovating task, you will get three choices. You can select any decoration that you like. Also, you can switch between the given choices later by tapping & holding on to them. Then it will again show all three choices. 

Choose Your Character to Play Levels

This game has two characters – Penny and Flo. You can select any character you want to start a level. Now the difference is in their abilities to create different boosters. Penny can create rockets, bombs, and magic flasks while Flo can create flying planes, crossed rockets, and magic flasks. You can use their abilities depending on your needs & levels. If you use their abilities to the best, you can clear levels quickly without using many moves. 

Use Powerful Boosters & Power-ups

You can create 6 types of boosters by matching a certain number of pieces of the same type. Each type of booster has special effects and can help you clear the pieces easily. Below, we have written down all the boosters. 

Penny Boosters

Rocket – Rockets are of two types – Horizontal & Vertical. You can create them by clearing 5 to 7 matching pieces. And triggering them will clear an entire row or column depending on their direction.

Bomb – Clear 8-9 matching pieces to create a bomb. And triggering it will clear all the pieces in its 2-tile radius.

Magic Flask – Match 10 or more pieces to create a magic flask. Triggering it will clear all the pieces of the same color. 

Flo Boosters

Paper Plane – Match 6-7 pieces of the same color to create a paper plane. When you trigger it, it flies to a random piece and clears it with its 4 neighboring pieces. It always gives priority to a piece that is required in an objective,

Crossed Rocket – Match 8-11 pieces of the same color to create a crossed rocket. And triggering it will clear an entire row as well as a column.

Magic Flask – It will need 12 or more pieces of the same type and works the same as Penny’s magic flask. 

MOD Version of Penny & Flo

The MOD Version of Penny & Flo has the following features.

  • Money and stars do not decrease when spending
  • Unlimited Money (enable only before purchase, and disable after purchase).
  • Game Speed

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many levels are there in Penny & Flo?

It has more than 5000 levels divided into 120+ chapters. 

What are the names of the power-ups in this game?

It has two power-ups named hammer and robot vacuum. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Penny & Flo has an interesting story with lots of plots. You will love completing the levels & renovating the places while exploring the various parts of the game and following the storyline. Different types of boosters & power-ups give a helpful boost in the levels with their special clearing effects. It also gives you three different choices for each & every task.

Download Penny & Flo

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