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Toon Blast
Toon blast MOD APK

Toon Blast MOD Apk Download 12112 (Unlimited Lives, Move)


Toon Blast MOD APK is a pair-matching puzzle game where you have to match the same types of cubes and achieve the objectives to clear levels.

App Info of Toon Blast

App Name

Toon Blast


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Lives, Move

About Toon Blast

Toon Blast is a puzzle game offered by Peak. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Match the same cubes, create combos, blast cubes, complete more than 5000 levels, and rise up in the leaderboard.

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Overview of Toon Blast

Toon blast MOD APK

In ToonBlast, you have to blast the cubes and complete the given objectives. You can match more than 2 cubes of the same color to blast them. Create combos by combining more than 5 matching cubes and using their special powers. You have to achieve the objectives in a limited number of moves or you will lose. As you pass the levels and go on to higher levels, you will face more challenges. You can use boosters to get extra help at the start of the level and join a team to chat with your friends. Teammates help each other by giving lives and receiving lives too.


Toon blast MOD APK

There are 3 types of combos you can create by combining a certain number of matching cubes: Rocket, Bomb & Disco. Combine 5 matching cubes to create a rocket, 7 matchings for a bomb, and 9 matching cubes for a disco. Using a rocket will clear an entire row or column based on its direction. The created rocket’s direction is random.

A bomb will blast the cubes into 3×3 squares. Disco blasts all the cubes of its color. You can also combine these combos to perform even stronger combos. Combining 2 rockets will clear its entire row and column. 2 bombs will clear the cubes in a 7×7 square. Combine the rocket and bomb to clear a 3×3 row and column. Using a disco with a rocket and bomb will turn all the cubes of its colors into rockets or bombs respectively and trigger them. 2 discos will clear all the cubes. 


Toon blast MOD APK

Use the 7 available boosters to get extra help in clearing the level. Rocket, bomb, and disco, these boosters can be used only before starting the level. It will start the level with the selected booster. Other boosters are Hammer, Boxing Glove, Anvil, and Dice. With the hammer, you can blast any cube or obstacle. The boxing glove pops all the cubes in the selected row. Anvil clears all the cubes in the selected column. You can use the dice to shuffle all the cubes. 


Toon blast MOD APK

Play more than 5000 challenging levels, each with different objectives and higher difficulty levels. Blast balloons & bubbles, destroy boxes & cages, and collect items to pass the levels. On higher levels, it is not easy as it seems. You have to create combos in the right position many times to collect items. Clear more and more levels to climb up in the leaderboard.


Toon blast MOD APK

Coins and lives are the main resources in the Toonblast. You can use the coins to buy extra 5 moves when you run out of moves at any level. You can also buy boosters with the coins. Also, you can get coins by completing levels and opening the chests. You require lives to start the levels. You can have up to 5 lives. Lives refill automatically after a certain time. Join a team to receive lives from your teammates. 

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Download Toon Blast

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