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Legend of Slime
Legend of Slime

Legend of Slime - Idle RPG MOD Apk Download 1.11.2 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)


Play as a slime in the Legend of Slime MOD APK to defeat all the humans who attack slimes & other monsters for no reason.

App Info of Legend of Slime - Idle RPG

App Name

Legend of Slime - Idle RPG


( 4 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, God Mode

About Legend of Slime - Idle RPG

Legend of Slime is about a slime who sets out on an adventure to defeat all the human adventurers who have invaded the peaceful forest and killed the cute innocent slimes. It features idle gameplay, multiple game modes such as boss rush, gold rush, village raid, slime legion, etc., 40+ companions, 20+ unique skills, 20 different slimes, and much more. 

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Overview of Legend of Slime

Legend of Slime (1)

Legend of Slime is an idle-RPG game offered by LoadComplete. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.4 rating out of 5. Upgrade your slime, unlock mind-blowing slime skills, equip gears & pets, and defeat all the humans to bring peace to the forest. 


Legend of Slime (2)

Have you ever played any game or watched an anime where a young boy becomes an adventurer and goes to the forest? What is the first monster he encounters there? A slime. Most of the games & anime have the same setting. The story is similar here too. But you are not that young adventurer. You are a slime monster. Watching the cruelty of human adventurers towards the slimes & other monsters of the forest, you decide to fight them back to bring peace again. Thus, your adventure and quest to defeat the human start here.


It has idle gameplay where you only have to upgrade your slime, skills & gears, and manage other items to make your slime stronger. The slime will automatically attack the humans & other enemies. You can either set the skills to automatically use or manually use. 

Legend of Slime (3)

There are 10 stages, each containing 10 levels. The enemies will come in 5 waves in every level, And at the end of the 5th wave, you will face the boss enemy. Defeating it will clear the level. After clearing the 10-10 stages, you will enter the hard mode. As you progress through levels and stages, the enemies will grow stronger and larger in number. 

Defeating the enemies will reward you with gold. Use that gold to increase your ATK, HP, HP Recovery, Critical Hit Damage, and other attribute stats of the slime. You can also equip various skills, weapons, gear, relics & pets, and unlock traits & mastery to make your slime stronger. 

Dig Mines and Discover Ore Cube & Experience Shard

Legend of Slime (4)

There is also a research center where you can perform various types of research to gain knowledge and power. But you will need ore cube to do that. You can dig the mines to find ore cubes and other resources. The deeper you go into the mine, the more valuable resources you will find. After digging 250m, you will start getting fragment shards. You can use them to upgrade your slime. 

Various Types of Dungeons

It has multiple types of dungeons you can clear to get awesome rewards. There is Boss Rush, Gold Rush, Village Raid, Dwarven King, and Slime Legion. You get two keys for each of these dungeons daily. Some of them are as follows.

Boss Rush – You will face 10 bosses back-to-back. Defeating all of them in under one minute will clear the level and you will get gems. With each level, the difficulty will increase, and also the rewards. 

Village Raid – In it, you will attack the human village and face five waves. You will get forks for defeating them. You can use the forks to unlock relics and equip them to get various powerful effects 7 buffs. 

Dwarven King – You will fight against a mighty dwarven king for 45 seconds. Each time you drop his HP bar to zero, you will get a treasure chest containing random weapons & gears. You will also get trait points that you can use to unlock various trait effects. 

Gold Rush – In the gold rush, a wagon loaded with gold will pass by. You can attack it to loot all the gold it carries. And with each level, the amount of gold will increase greatly. 

MOD Version of Legend of Slime

The MOD version of Legend of Slime has the following features. 

God Mode – You will be immortal.

All Quests Claimable – You can complete & claim all quests.

Unlimited Gems & Gold – Gems & gold will not decrease when spending.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

Where will I find the experience shards to upgrade the slime?

You will find the experience shards in the mines after 250 meters of digging. 

How many bosses will I face in the boss rush?

You will face 10 bosses in the boss rush. Defeating all of them will clear the dungeon. 

How do I get mastery points?

To get the mastery points, you will need to upgrade your slimes. With each upgrade, you will get a mastery point. 

Final Words

Legend of Slime is an amazing idle role-playing game with lots of skills, gears, pets, and weapons. You can sit back and relax watching your slime defeat the humans. And with the earned gold, just upgrade your slime to make him ready to defeat stronger enemies. Also, you can play dungeon modes to earn various types of rewards. 

Download Legend of Slime - Idle RPG

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